What is a Hygienist?

Dental Hygienists Are Specially Trained members of the team. They Play A very Important Role In Dental Health Care And Are Mainly Concerned With Gum Health/disease, Educating People with Home Care techniques And also Applying Preventative Materials To The Teeth And Gums.

What is a hygienist’s role in the practice?

The Hygienist’s Main Role Is To Professionally Clean The Teeth and gums.  This Is Usually referred to as Scaling And Polishing.  However, Perhaps Their Most Important Role Is in Educating Patients in Ways To Keep Their Teeth and gums disease free.

The Hygienist Will Work With Your Dentist To offer specific treatment for you.

Why is treatment so important?

Regular Professional Cleaning in Combination With Your Home Care regime Will Help to maintain Your Mouth in a Healthy state.  A Healthy Mouth has many benefits, such as:

Can a hygienist help prevent dental disease?

This Is what years of Training A Hygienist Is All About. Carefully Removing The Deposits That Build Up On The Teeth (Tartar) over time And demonstrating How To Prevent It from gathering Again both help to prevent gum disease.By Discussing Your Diet And encouraging Preventative Measures such as flossing and brushing techniques, Tooth Decay Can Also Be remarkably reduced. 

The very Early Stages Of Gum Disease often go Unnoticed as they can be Painless. Signs of gum disease may include:

Remember - Healthy Gums Should Not Bleed!! If You find your Gums Are Bleeding You Should Visit Your Dentist/ Hygienist As Soon As Possible.


What can I do for the Hygienist?

Treating gum disease is a two-way process – between the dentist/hygienist and yourself. You Are In Control Of Your Mouth and oral hygiene regime Between Visits To The Practice.  You will given advice on:

Your Hygienist can Recommend Those That Are Best For You on an individual basis.  Look For Products with the The British Dental Health Foundation Logo- meaning they Have Been Clinically Tested And Approved.

We recommend you follow three simple steps to help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Your Hygienist will also investigate your risk of developing decay by carrying out a full Dietary assessment, whilst Making Some helpful Recommendations For You To Consider. Sugar-Free Chewing Gum Can Also Help To Prevent Tooth Decay by increasing saliva flow, especially after meals.

Chewing Gum Makes Your Mouth Produce More Saliva, Which In Turn helps to reverse The harmful effects from Acid Produced After Drinking And Eating

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