Tooth Whitening

Get set to Sparkle!

Tooth Whitening Is a straightforward process used to lighten The Colour Of Your Teeth.  Naturally, Teeth tend to Darken With Age, Drinking Tea, Coffee, wine, Smoking and even some foods can all Speed Up This effect.  Whitening works best On mildly discoloured Teeth, with some Darker Staining Taking Longer to change.

The actual change in shade will often vary from patient to patient.  If you suffer from very sensitive teeth, Periodontal Disease or moderate tooth wear, your dentist may discourage whitening.

Everybody loves a beautiful smile and with our tooth whitening system everyone can easily benefit from a new whiter smile.

Benefits and Solutions

You can have a white, dazzling smile in just a few appointments!

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Wouldn’t you love a brighter smile?

How Would You Feel If Your Smile Was A Bit Brighter?

There Are lots of Reasons to Whiten Your Teeth:

What’s involved?

First The Dentist Will Determine Whether You Are suitable for Our Particular Tooth Whitening System.  If so, moulds of your teeth will be taken To Provide Custom-Made Trays For your own Home-Use. You Will Return The Following Week To Have The Trays Fitted. Instructions And Whitening Systems Will Be Provided For Your Home Use – the whole process is surprisingly straightforward quick.

What are realistic expectations?

It is impossible to predict just how quickly your teeth will respond to whitening.  Each person Is treated on an individual basis.Typically you could expect an improvemenet of Two Shades As Seen On A Dentists Shade Guide in the surgery - this can be monitored to meet your needs as you desire.

The treatment costs from £195.00
Ask at reception for more information or tel: 028 7776 5077 .

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